Indian Princess


Hey dolls, I know it’s been forever since I did my last blog post but excuse as I have had too many things on my plate & didn’t want to work on my blog post half-heartedly. There was a big change in my life as I have recently relocated from

Shrink Toning Lotion – Review


Shrink Toning Lotion – just as the name suggests – it’s a highly advanced toning lotion that shrinks the targeted cellulite/ excess fat areas providing oxidization of fat which in turn causes the fat cells to deflate. This lotion is mix of modern technology and natural know-how to zap fat cells

Polka Dots Ft. Rimyrah

Polka dots are retro. And as we all know currently RETRO is both IN as well as pretty cool.
I remember being draped in polka dots as a kid. Polka dots were a must back in the 60’s & in this era there’s a slight time travel fashion wise since

Under the Sea Ft. Karleo


Hola my stunners!! Hope you guys are doing amazing 😀
So this week I have a something new & exciting – it’s a concept shoot *Happy Dance* featuring Karleo Fashion’s latest collection – Under the Sea!!
Under the surface of the deep, blue seas lies a wealth of forms,

Fashionista Creations – I


Hey Lovelies,
Summer is here & so is the trend of wearing short outfits with open necklines (to let some breeze seep in 😛 ) which means u need to wear gorgeous neckpieces to fill in the blank space & engage attention to your neck rather than your plunging neckline.

The Bra – Redefined


It has been rightly said “Beauty is the best possible version of yourself – inside & out”
Appearance is one thing that matters to everyone, but feeling beautiful on the inside is equally important as it adds to the external beauty. In order to get that perfect we need to